I'm Ashlyn, and this is how I became a photographer...

Growing up, my mom always had a "nice camera." I always loved playing with her camera growing up, and got really into photography after I graduated from college. If I am being honest, I never had the intentions of being a full-time photographer. I remember the first time someone told me they were willing to pay me to take their photos. I was g i d d y!!! And I think that was the day I realized that I could use a craft that I love and launch a business.

Here I am, over 5 years later, and it truly keeps getting better and better. Thank you for being here and following along on this journey with me.

I graduated from Clemson University with a B.S. in Marketing in 2017. I started my career working in sales but longed for a creative outlet. So when I started taking photos, I truly found joy. To begin with I would ride around Conway and take photos of all of the churches. I would recruit friends to "model" for me. I would take photos of flowers in my yard. It was fun and it was something I knew I wanted to pursue.

I continued working a "full-time" job and did photography "on the side." I put that in quotes because I have honestly always worked harder at my business than I ever did at any other job. In July of 2022, my husband and I welcomed our little boy, Jase, and I knew I wanted to do photography full-time so I could make my own schedule & stay home with him. I truly believe that God had this all in His plan years and years ago when I would find joy in taking photos with my mom's camera. Looking back now over the last 5 years of my business, I can clearly see how events in my life were perfectly orchestrated to get me to where I am today.

I find so much joy through photography. I love the stillness of a newborn baby, the thrill of chasing a toddler at a family session, the excitement of a senior session, and the joy of a wedding day. I know how much my job matters and I take it personally. Since having my little guy, each memory is so so so precious to me and I want to help people capture those memories and secure them for the future.

Photography is my job, but it is also my hobby. I love taking photos of my family & friends when I am not "working." When I'm not taking photos, you can find me with my two guys. We love football, anything on the water, going out to eat, and just spending time together. I personally love shopping, decorating my house, reading a love story, and working in my yard.

I love my "job." I love my family. I love my friends. I love my puppies.

I am simple & believe that life doesn't have to be over-complicated to be great.

I am thankful you are here and I can't wait to get to know you more.



“Ashlyn is such a joy to work with, to say the least. My family and I have chosen her for professional photography a few times now, and she exceeds our expectations every session! Her photos will make you look and feel beautiful!”