Meet the Bentons!

I have known Ashley and Keith Autry for quite some time now and one thing has stayed constant the entire time I have known them.. they are both genuinely sweet, funny, smart, and so much fun to be around. They bring joy, always. As individuals they are both so special, but together they are far greater. Ash and KA are one in a million. The way they show grace to everyone around them, the way they laugh together, and the way they serve others for the goodness of His Kingdom speaks volumes.

Their wedding day was full of love and the Holy Spirit.. just the way it should be. I am still crying over the vows they made to each other, and I am still smiling because I know in my heart that God has called them to be husband and wife. I can't put into words the way these two shine their light, so enjoy some of my favorite images from their day below to see the love and happiness that they share with all who are a part of their lives.

Ash and KA, I will always be on your team. I love you two!!!