Chloe and Joe..

Their wedding day looked a little different than they were hoping, but if you ask me, it was absolutely perfect. They paid so much attention to detail.. from decorations, to Chloe's PDF timeline that she sent me (the teacher in her!!).. I was so impressed!! Mrs. Lana, Chloe's mom, has an eye and talent for decoration. I could literally create an entire blog just about her reception decor!! It was THAT amazing! Their wedding was beautiful, but Chloe and Joe's relationship is what catches my eye.

These two have such a sweet relationship and story. It all started at Clemson (go tigs!!!) and the rest is history! Chloe's bubbly personality and Joe's laid back personality make them such a sweet and fun couple. Through their marriage they radiate kindness and love, making them such an easy couple to become friends with. I am so happy that they found each other, and am honored to have been able to capture their special day. I can't wait to watch the future unfold for them. I will forever cherish the time I have been able to spend with these sweet friends.

Below are just a few of my favorites from their special day.