Meant to be..

I am so incredibly glad that I get to say I was a part of this special moment! Robert's sister reached out to me about photographing Robert proposing to Gabby, and of course I was up for it!! I didn't know Gabby and Robert before this night, but once Robert revealed that he had hired me to photograph the proposal, I felt like I had known these two for years. Robert and Gabby ate dinner at The Sea Captains house before he popped the question on the beach. Because I don't know much about them and their story, I asked them to share how they met and what they love most about each other. Read below to see what they wrote, and take a look at some of my favorite images from the night they got engaged. In love is an understatement!!


How we met is a modern day love story. We both graduated, from different colleges. I went to WVU and Robert went to Malone University. We both moved back to Columbus and since I haven’t been in Columbus in 4 years, I decided to do what most 21 year olds do, just to see what’s out there, and get on Tinder. I came across this guy and thought “he’s pretty cute. Why not?” And swiped right. BOOM! “It’s a match!” Popped up on my screen and not too long after I got a message from this boy. “Wow, Gabby! I am super attracted to you!” I responded and eventually after some conversation, he asked for my number. Now usually, I don’t just give out my phone number but this guy was cute so why not continue the conversation? He asked me out on a date and I initially said yes but then I decided I wasn’t really feeling much like going out so I changed my mind. After a few weeks, he asked again. “Want to get dinner on Friday?” This time something told me to go. So I agreed. When he picked me up, he was playing ARIZONA, a band I’ve never heard before but he definitely had the same music taste as me so he was off to a great start! As we were talking in the car, I noticed how incredibly taken I was by him already. Beautiful hazel eyes, that sparkled whenever he smiled. Perfect teeth and not to mention that beard!! We then pulled up to this beautiful, Italian restaurant in downtown Columbus. Our table was right outside, in the most romantic setting. Very intimate space, with the twinkling lights strung up around us. There was even a sign that said “love” hanging up the garden right next to our table! I mean the signs were all there from the start!! Sitting down at this restaurant with him, I immediately felt like I’ve known this man my whole life and I just knew he was going to be my husband. We hit it off so well that the waitress even thought we were together for a while and couldn’t believe we were on a first date! The entire night was filled with so much laughter and so many smiles as we got to know each other, I’m pretty sure my face was hurting for quite a while afterwards! They say God works in the most mysterious ways and this is definitely a prime example of that! God connected me to my soulmate through Tinder, who would’ve thought?? I feel so blessed and grateful to have met my soulmate. I am easily the happiest, and luckiest woman on this planet.

It’s so hard to say what I love most about Robert because I love everything about him. He is the most amazing, caring, genuine person. He has the most loving soul. I love that he is a man of God and wants our marriage to be centered around Jesus. I love how safe and secure he makes me feel and how understanding and patient he is. He has been there for me through the toughest times of my life and I am infinitely grateful for him and for God putting him in my life. I love how family oriented he is and how important family is to him. He was raised by an incredible, amazing family and I love that they have opened their arms to me and support not only me but Robert and I as a couple. I also love how much respect Robert and I have for each other and both have similar, strong Christian values. How we both hold each other accountable and want the best for each other. I am so hopeful and excited to be this mans wife and cannot wait to see where our future will take us!


Who would have know that love was just a swipe away. Yes it’s true we are a Tinder success story and as unconventional as it sound it’s as perfect a love story as any other. Dinner, Italian food, wine and the pure beauty of the city that raised us Columbus, Ohio. We weren’t high school sweethearts or star crossed lovers but rather just two people who were meant to be together. Timing was everything for us as we both got out of relationships after graduating college and coming home to discover our passions. I must say my persistent nature helped me out with Gabby as it took around a month for her to actually agree to go on a date with me. I finally was done waiting and got her number and called her to tell her I have planned a date and I am taking her out. The night was perfection from start to finish and I must say her dimples on both cheeks are what really made my heart skip a beat. We talked, we laughed, we got lost in each others eyes multiple times, and even made our waitress think we were celebrating an anniversary of many years. Conversation was easy, laughter was constant and the night was sealed with a kiss that made my heart melt away in disbelief. “I don’t think I have ever had a first date like this,” I thought to myself after the night was over. I remember not sleeping very much that night after dropping her off due to a racing mind eager to see Gabby again. I will always remember July 26th, 2019 and be grateful for both Tinder and fate for bringing Gabrielle Maria Whittaker into my life.

What I love most about her: Well on top of the fact that she is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, her caring and loving heart is what really made me fall In love with her. Gabby is a night shift nurses aid helping heart failure patients during a nationwide pandemic. She is on the front lines putting her life on the line for those most in need. Her passion is to help and serve people for the rest of her life as she is going back to school to become a nurse. I love her huge heart and the way she loves others is something I admire about her. We both share this passion for serving others and we want to both live our lives together giving back. Gabby is a true work of art from head to toe both inside and out. I do not know how I got so lucky to have the opportunity to spend the rest of my life with someone as amazing as her and I thank God for blessing me with someone so perfect in every way.

Told ya they're in love!